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SUHNER introduces the new redesigned BEX15 type metal punching machine with increased punching speed from 18,000rpm to 23,000rpm.
25% increase in speed - BEX15: High Speed Punching Machine
Nowadays, metal punching operations with modern tools increasingly require high speeds. Especially for metals with high punching speeds or small diameter holes. The BEX15 type, certified in thousands of applications, provides new options in punching speed, reliable even at the maximum permissible speed limit. By increasing the speed by 25% to the permissible limit of 23,000rpm, all applications with high punching speed requirements can now be made much easier.
This improvement lies in the complete redesign of the unit and of the bearings in the punching shafts. A new timing belt type multiplies the electric engine speed by up to 13.050rpm and then an AC (inverter) revolution regulator increases the revolutions in the shafts to 23,000rpm (87Hz).

The BEX15 type can be used in both axial and radial orientation, as well as on an UA15-PH or UA15-CNC slide unit. With these materials, multiple machining combinations can be carried out such as milling or demanding punching applications.
Four optional holding accessories (Collet Er25, ISO30, HSK50, Weldon), the ability to cool the punching shaft, the automatic component change, along with additional features make the BEX15 type instantly adaptable and the best solution for any demanding metal machining environment.